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Original Nasa surface chart map 1969 Apollo 12 CSM (Command Service Module) ORBIT PATH


Image of Original Nasa surface chart map 1969 Apollo 12 CSM (Command Service Module) ORBIT PATH

Un-Framed original NASA moon surface chart-map which came from the Apollo 12 Moon mission, these were probably used for training the CSM Pilot-Astronaut who would orbit the moon while the other Astronauts would take the Lunar Module down to the moons surface. This measures 43 inches tall by 19.5 inches wide. I have three of these they were used for training for orbit and I’m not sure if the others connect together or not but they follow the CSM orbit around the moon. CSM means command service module so these were used by the astronaut orbiting the moon while the lunar module was on the surface of the moon.

This map came from the personal estate of a famous University of Arizona Astronomer-Photographer and scientist, Ewan Whitaker who helped NASA plan the Apollo 11 and 12 landing sites on the moon in 1969. Whitaker also worked on the first photographic atlas of the moon, which was completed in 1967. In early 1960, Nasa, pulled together a team of astronomers and scientists led by Dr. Gerard Kuiper together they created the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Lab. The team worked on seven RANGER Missions before one of them finally worked and began sending back images of the moon. Nasa needed help mapping the moon so that they could plan a landing site for the Apollo 11 and 12 Lunar Expeditions. Images from Ranger would be pieced back together as they were shot in long narrow strips. These would then be composited back together so that detailed maps could be made. There’s a great documentary called Desert Moon on YouTube, which explains how these scientists and Whitaker helped to map the moon.

This is unframed and would be shipped rolled up in a Tube.