VTG 1967 Official Dragnet Letterhead and matching TV Series Show Publicity Photo "Crooked Gamblers"

This is great for the Dragnet collectors on your list, its the official dragnet letterhead for show publicity in 1967 and the original photograph that goes with the show synopsis. You can find the photos but this letterhead is impossible to find. The letter head is color and has Jack Web and Henry Morgans photos and DRAGNET in big letters, This was for the show " Crooked Gamblers " these were sent to TV stations so they could describe the show coming up next and they would also broadcast the B&W photo for each episode to help promote show to people watching the local news. I got these 15 years ago from the archive of a local TV station and I only have the ones listed, see my other auctions.

In original condition from 1967 see photos.

These are originals not copies these were punched for a three ring binder and have paper clips or marks from paper clips on them.

Shipping priority mail in the USA $10

Shipping Priority Mail International $42