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Vitnage, rare and collectible Americana located in Tucson Arizona: Your source for Vintage Pendleton’s from the 1940’s to the 1970’s, custom and vintage cowboy boots, Native American silver, vintage textiles, tooled leather, vintage photographs and cameras. Always buying the finest in Vintage what do you have to offer? Follow this page to see our online listings of fine vintage and announcements of shows we will be selling at in the Southwest, USA.

Vintage Americana

I buy and sell vintage Americana, whether it is brands like Pendleton or Red Wing Boots I buy high quality vintage items made in America. I like the quality and feel and simple designs that have been made for years and last a long time. I do have my favorite Pendleton Gambler Shirt that was made in 1936 and I can still wear it today because that's what quality and tradition are all about. I have sold mostly via eBay for more than 15 years, I do have over 1500 positive feedbacks on eBay, so I like people to be happy with what they purchase from me. I try to buy unique items that appeal to my sense of style and if I don’t like it I won’t sell it.


My foundation in fashion comes from wanting to be a fashion photographer for many years when I was a just starting out as a photographer, texture, design and style is woven into the way I think as an artist. I can remember my grandmother Manka, saying she would never take me shopping for clothes again when I was 13 as I was just too picky with what I wanted to wear. These early thoughts about design have transitioned today into, what do I like enough to sell? My mother was also a weaver and fiber artist in the 1970's, which made me more aware of anything woven and any fabric made by artists.


After working as a newspaper photojournalist at the Tucson Citizen newspaper many years ago I became interested in fashion photography and loved shooting the fashion photos for our small town stories. I decided to work on my portfolio and move to New York City after meeting with Art Directors at Vogue and Glamour magazines in 1985. They both told me I should move to a bigger city. So I ended up moving to New York City when I was twenty-two. I lived in NYC for a year and shot all kinds of great work and looked at a lot of clothes in stores all over the city and all the little funky boutiques in SoHo and the vintage clothing stores around NYU. For a while I did have a short term Job at Bloomingdales demonstrating Polaroid Spectra cameras at the perfume counter and I also shot a fashion layout for USA today in the Perry Ellis showroom with a top model named Lenitia she was from Sweden I think. I was only twenty-two and probably did not realize all the big magazines already had people they worked with and were not that likely to hire a 22 year old for a fashion shoot, so I moved back to Arizona and that is where my interest in fashion began.


I have lived in Tucson forever and spend time looking for unique treasures when I need a break from working on my computer. My name "VITNAGE" comes from mistyping the word vintage over and over when I was listing treasures on ebay and etsy. I kinda like it, its short and easy to remember.


Thanks for looking, Enjoy life today! Tom


Have any questions let me know.