New York City Marathon Fine Art Silk Scarf 30X30 © 1985 A.T. Willett Photographer

The New York City Marathon start photographed from the top of the Verrazano Bridge in 1985 by photographer A.T. Willett. These Signature Series limited edition silk scarves are 75cm by 75cm (30X30 inches) in size and printed on the highest quality silk twill fabric. They come packaged in beautiful gift box and are ready to wear. These make a great gift for previous or future New York City Marathon participants.

Shipping by Priority mail in the USA.

Caption: The Start of the New York City Marathon from atop the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, the 30,000 runners at the start of the race completely cover the bridge. This view from atop the Staten Island Tower is 500 feet above the runners and 700 feet above the water. An unusually clear morning for the NYC Marathon start this image also shows the cables which were in the process of being repainted which ad to the depth of the photograph. People ask how I got up there, well, there's a tinny elevator inside the bridge big enough for two people and the guy who ran the elevator. The elevator only goes up so far and it was another 80-100 feet of rung ladders inside the bridge going through bulkheads in total darkness carrying my camera bag. Once at the top you flip open the cover and you are standing on top of the bridge.

Process: The image shows the entire piece of slide film scanned Kodak Type PKR 5033 is Kodachrome 64, when Kodak used to process slide film they would burn their processed by Kodak into the edge of the film backwards. There is a backwards N which means it was processed in Kodaks Lab in Newark New Jersey, it shows the frame number 31, near the end of the roll and you can even see where the camera sprockets left marks on the film sprocket holes as I was shooting at six frames per second.