Punk Love, Ice Cream Truck Fourth Ave 1984 Limited Edition Silk Scarf by Photographer A. T. Willett

Punk Love, Fourth Avenue, Fine Art Photograph Silk Scarf by Photographer A. T. Willett. These Signature Series limited edition silk scarves are 75cm by 75cm (30X30 inches) in size and printed on the highest quality silk twill fabric. They come packaged in beautiful gift box and are ready to wear. They make a great gift for anyone who holds classic Tucson Punk in their heart and soul.

More about the Punk Love Photograph:

A young Lenny Mental, lead singer of the Tucson Punk band U.P.S. poses with his girlfriend Sharon O’Brien in the ice cream truck that Lenny used to drive part time. This was shot for a story on 1980’s weird hair for the Tucson Citizen Newspaper and the hair styles and clothing were made by well known stylist Signe Razzi. This ran in the Tucson Citizen in 1984 and preserves historic Tucson Punk scene in the 1980s. Photographed on Hasselblad 500CM Camera onto Kodak Ektachrome film, I even processed this film in the Tucson Citizen Darkroom. Fine art prints are also available.