Patty Fawn Ravens Claw Earrings carved out of Walrus Bones Mother of Pearl Inlay with gold posts

1970's Patty Fawn Ravens Claw Earrings carved out of Walrus Tusk with gold posts this was a funny story so here it goes! One of these has been missing for 7 months and I just found it today! Its my lucky day!

A woman stopped by our shop yesterday and as she was looking at all our vintage merchandise when when she came across these earings. I said to her those are pretty expensive because the are made by a famous carver named Patty Fawn, who has her work in several museums around the country. She said yes i like them because they are mine. I was puzzled about the comment and thought maybe she wanted to buy them after I had laid out all the details about the famous maker. She said no, I made these i’m Patty Fawn! I was totally surprised as i did not know she lived around here. It was just a funny story, with me telling her about her own work, she said these are a ravens claw design made from Walrus tusk with mother of pearl inlay and that she made these back in the 1970s. It was great to meet her in our shop today. We have this pair available and you can purchase her newer work at Bahti American Indian Art here in Tucson. She said, a good price for this vintage pair would be $275 so thats where we priced them. I think she said the posts were gold plated but they are not marked so they are gold in color.

Size: Raven Claw 1-1/4 inches tall by 1/2 inch wide

Condition: Good condition with modern post, see photos.

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