Rare Nasa Grumman Apollo Lunar Module Spacecraft Precise Topping Manufacturers Desk Model, Moon Shot

Rare Original Precise-Topping manufacturers desk model of the Apollo Lunar Module made for Grumman Aircraft and Nasa. These were given to people who worked on the Apollo Space program, Grumman Employees who built the original Lunar Module, astronauts, and other Apollo mission suppliers. Nasa Astronauts used to bring these to TV interviews so they could explain how they were going to land on the moon. Its the first spaceship that man has designed to land on another planet. These models were made by Precise-Topping who make all the manufacturers models.

It is 1/40th scale, the base is 10.5 inches diameter and the model sits almost 7 inches tall and is from the late 1960s. The top part of the lunar module lifts off, 1st stage and all the antennas and thrust rockets are intact see photos. The rocket motor in the base of the second stage holds the landing pads off the plastic surface and all the landing struts are removable. These are getting highly collectible with several examples selling in the $6000-$10,000 price range in space memorabilia auctions. Now is the time to ad one to your collection and a finer example can not be found. I bought this from the estate of a longtime Nasa, Space and Rocket model collector who had one of the finest collections in the world outside of a museum.

Condition: In excellent condition with no missing parts. Minor surface wear to the plastic parts, the correct VHF antennas, sideband antenna and proximity antennas are intact as well as all the thrusters, see photos. This model does not suffer from corosion or yellowing which is common with most the models today 50 years after they were made.

I have a set of 12 photos of this model, email for other photos.

Shipping by in the USA, including insurance $65, double boxed 18X 18 X18 size outer box probably about 6 pounds with the two boxes.

Contact for shipping outside of USA.